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  • May 9, 2012 7:11 pm

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Got an ereader? Maybe an ereader app on your computer or mobile? If you do, have I got a deal for you! Individual short
stories just 99 cents!

Between the contests, challenges, anthologies I have contributed to, anthologies I have TRIED to contribute to and stuff that just popped into my head, I have a slew of short stories lying around. Used to be that, unless it fitted into an anthology or was needed as a sample of an author’s work, a short story by itself wasn’t worth much. The advent of electronic publishing and the proliferation of electronic reading devices has changed that. Now a short story is just the right length to pull up between flights, before meetings, on breaks or just before settling down to sleep. That’s why I decided to put my work out there as singles for just 99 cents each. A little story for a little price that I hope will bring big enjoyment.


Listings of my titles — in about any flavor desired — can be found:

My Amazon Author Central Page

My Smashwords Author Page

My list at Barnes and Noble

At Untreed Reads




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